Thursday, April 24, 2014

Test Plan

  • Test Plan

    70% Profit
    Principal Returned
    100 working days
    $100 Usd Minimum


Beginner's Plan

  • Beginner's Plan

    100% Profit
    Principal Returned
    100 working days
    $1000 Usd Minimum


Advanced Plan

  • Advanced Plan

    150% Profit
    Principal Returned
    100 working days
    $10,000 Usd Minimum


Professional Plan

  • Professional Plan

    162.5% Profit
    Principal Returned
    65 working days
    $20,000 Usd Minimum


Growth For the Long Run . IO Groups celebrates 10 years of online investing !

For more than 10 years , our goal is to help people get where they want to go. We do it through our investment products and through our investments in the community. In both cases, we put our passion to work in an effort to make life and lives better. Read about some of the ways we work in the community on our public forum


to IO Group!

  • Secure Your Investment Secure Your Investment

    No matter how volatile the market is, we are one of the few brokerage companies that has no administration fees or hidden taxes, further more your investment is binded to our Terms & Agreements and covered by a signed contract recognised in any international court of law.

  • Full Transparency! Full Transparency!

    Io Group is a global investment company, with clients ranging from US to Australia, so our management has decided that our investors should have the right to verify our legitimacy at any point. Our corporate documents can be viewed in the About Us section of our website.

  • Profit  Calculator Profit Calculator

    Our online Profit Calculator is a must for any investment plan. This calculator will determine the amount of profit you can expect to receive daily, monthly and at the end of each investment term. The calculations will be based on the variables that you enter and our profit rates.

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